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Luxury Party Package

Luxury villa party
Par LEDs

Starting from

Rp 7,800,000

Pioneer XDJ RX3

*prices are charged per maximum 10 hours usage.


The Luxury Party Package is suitable for those medium to large sized villa parties.




What We



1 pair of 2000 watts loudspeakers equipped with 15-inch tweeter domes for crystal-clear audio reproduction. These versatile speakers are designed with convenience in mind, featuring tripod stands that can be easily adjusted to fit any venue spacing.


Included with the loudspeakers is an 8 channel sound mixer, ensuring precise control and customisation. Our loudspeakers paired with the DS tech, deliver powerful and immersive sound for your events and performances. Our sound system setup comes with AUX, XLR and Bluetooth options.


Premium Dj console

1 premium Dj console, the ultimate DJ setup with Pioneer's all-in-one systems, including the XDJ series.


Our rental service offers cutting-edge models like the XDJ-RX, combining the versatility of standalone players and the convenience of a professional mixer. Enjoy seamless integration with Rekordbox and Serato software. With features like intuitive touchscreen displays, onboard effects, and comprehensive connectivity options, our Pioneer all-in-one systems are the perfect choice for DJs of all levels.


Wireless microphones

1 pair of wireless microphones. Take your event to the next level with our wireless microphone. Our high-quality wireless microphones provide crystal-clear sound and freedom of movement.


The package includes a pair of wireless microphones and convenient stands for easy setup. Enjoy seamless connectivity and reliable performance, ensuring clear vocals and hassle-free presentations. 



1 pair of 1200 watts subwoofers equipped with 18-inch low-frequency transducers. Enhance your audio experience with these powerful subwoofers. Our subwoofers deliver deep, punchy bass that adds impact and richness to your sound setup. With their robust construction and advanced technologies, our subwoofers ensure optimal low-frequency reproduction, making them the perfect addition to any event or venue. Get ready to feel the music with our premium subwoofer.


Party lighting

2 sets of Illuminaries for your party with 4 par LEDsand 2 moving heads


Or the smaller and less brighter set choice of either 8 par LEDs, or 4 moving heads for a more spread out and wider coverage of your event area..

Our lighting includes a tripod mounting option for your convenience and preference.


Our luxury party package also includes a selection of higher wattage and brighter quality lights, as compared to the Party Starter Package, allowing you to create mesmerizing lighting effects and set the perfect ambiance for your event. Get ready to dazzle your guests with our cutting-edge lighting equipment.


Dj Booth

1 standard DJ booth, a must-have addition to our standard party package. Designed to accommodate any DJ console, this booth provides a sleek and professional setup for your DJ performance. It features ample space for a laptop, ensuring easy access to your music library. Elevate your DJ experience with our versatile and convenient portable DJ booth.

We were very impressed with the sound system. Outstanding clarity of treble and bass. It filled our 10 bedroom villa with powerfully without any hiccups. Our Dj and Band loved it!

Simon Karthon

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