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Neon Smoke

Atmospheric Effects

Haze Machine

The haze machine is a special effects device that produces a thin, atmospheric haze. It enhances lighting effects, creates depth, and adds a mesmerizing ambiance to concerts, events, and theatrical productions. This device is perfect for parties and concerts. 

haze machine

Fog Machine

The fog machine is a versatile special effects device that produces a thick fog or mist. It enhances visual elements, creates an eerie atmosphere, and adds drama to stage productions, Halloween events, and themed parties. This is a great device for weddings, halloween parties.

fog machine

Bubble Machine

The bubble machine is a fun and whimsical device that produces a stream of bubbles. It adds a playful and magical touch to parties, events, and performances, creating a joyful and enchanting atmosphere for all ages to enjoy. This device is great for kids parties or to create a playful atmosphere.

bubble machine
Fans and Smoke

"Creating a big moment atmosphere is not always about showcasing, it's about concealing"

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