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Image by Alex Litvin


Monitor Screens

Monitor TVs are versatile display devices that offer high-definition visuals and multimedia capabilities. They are perfect for showcasing presentations, videos, and live feeds, making them ideal for conferences, exhibitions, and entertainment events in your company. We offer various screen sizes based on your needs, from 32 inch to 65 inch.

TV on stand


Projectors are essential AV devices that display images or videos onto a larger screen or surface. They are ideal for presentations, events, and entertainment purposes, providing high-resolution visuals and enhancing the overall viewing experience for audiences. We offer different ANSI lumens (brightness level) and screen sizes depending on your need. 

projector and screen


DSLR cameras offer high-quality images and versatile shooting capabilities. They are widely used in photography, providing professionals and enthusiasts with precise control, interchangeable lenses, and superior image quality for various genres and settings We offer various cameras, including DSLR, action camera, drones, and video recording equipment.


Photography and videography services

Need a photography and videography for your event? Check out some of the professional work done by Adi. Creativity in portrait and landscape photo and videography is his passion. 

Adi uses a mix of both professional DSLR cameras and DJI drones in his work. His craft doesn't end there but extends to photo and video editing as well. 

Enquire via WhatsApp at: +65 91818904


"Screens are windows that peer into precious moments from the past "

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