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Par LEDs red colour


Moving Heads

Moving heads are versatile lighting fixtures used in stage productions, concerts, and events. With their ability to pan, tilt, and change colours and patterns, they create dynamic and captivating lighting effects, adding an extra level of excitement and visual impact to any performance or venue.


moving head light

Fresnel Light

Fresnel lights are versatile lighting fixtures commonly used in stage and film productions. With their adjustable beam angle and soft-edged light output, they provide precise and controllable illumination. Ideal for highlighting performers or creating mood and atmosphere, Fresnel lights offer flexibility and excellent light quality, making them a preferred choice for professional lighting setups.

Fresnel light

Par LEDs

Par LEDs are powerful lighting fixtures that offer a wide range of vibrant colors and versatile beam angles. They provide even illumination and are perfect for creating atmospheric lighting effects. While moving heads offer more dynamic features, Par LEDs are a cost-effective choice for creating stunning lighting setups with simplicity and ease of use.


par LED light

Laser Systems

Laser systems are powerful lighting devices that produce intense, concentrated beams of light. They create mesmerizing visual displays with vivid colors, patterns, and animations. With their ability to project precise and sharp effects, laser systems add a captivating and futuristic element to events, concerts, and entertainment venues, making them an ideal choice for those seeking to create a truly immersive experience.

RGB laser system

Strobe / Blinders

Strobe lighting is a high-intensity lighting effect that produces brief, rapid bursts of bright light. It adds energy and excitement to events, performances, and parties, creating a pulsating visual impact. With adjustable speed and intensity, strobe lights offer versatility and can be synchronized with music to enhance the overall atmosphere and create captivating lighting effects.

strobe LED light

"An effective lighting design is like a beautiful painting"

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