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DJ adjusting equipments

DJ Consoles


We carry the Technics and Pioneer direct drive turntable equipment. These devices are meant for vinyl scratching and are popular with turntablists for manual mixing of music. Turntables are classic audio devices for playing vinyl records. They provide a nostalgic and authentic listening experience for audiophiles and DJs.

Technics turntable

DDJ controllers

The Pioneer DDJ series is a line of DJ controllers designed for portability and smaller event. They offer a compact and portable solution with integrated features for seamless mixing, performance, and creative DJing across various platforms and settings. DDJs require a laptop connection via USB for them to function.

Pioneer DDJ RB

CDJs Multi player

We carry the most top-of-the-line Pioneer CDJs. They are our most professional DJ equipment. Our inventory includes the newest CDJ 3000 and CDJ 2000 nexus. Renowned for their industry-standard reliability and performance features, they are favoured by DJs in clubs, festivals, and settings worldwide.

CDJ 2000


The Pioneer DJM series we carry is a range of professional DJ mixers. We include the DJM 450, 850, 900 and V10. They offer precise mixing control, effects, and connectivity options, making them essential tools for DJs in clubs, studios, and live performances.


Pioneer DJM 900

XDJs All-in-one system

The Pioneer XDJ series is a professional DJ system that combines versatility and intuitive controls. It offers seamless integration with popular DJ software, robust performance features, and a portable design, making it ideal for DJs of all skill levels and various performance settings. We carry the RX2 and RX3.

Pioneer XDJ RX3
CDJ 3000.png

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