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Sound Systems

Point Source Speakers

Our point source speakers ranges from 1000 watts to 10,000 watts. These versatile speakers have the added-on option of having subwoofers. Our brands ranges from Hupers, RCF, EV, JBL, Yamaha and Turbosound. The speakers are perfect for private functions and events.

EV speaker system with subwoofers

Portable Speakers

Battery operated with 240 watts of power delivery, these versatile but yet powerful JBL Partybox speakers can be taken anywhere. You'll never have to worry about finding a power outlet nearby again. We carry portable speakers that can last up to 8 hours with maximum volume blasting on a single charge. They also come with bluetooth and AUX inputs for a variety of connectivity options.

JBL partybox.png

Stage Boxes

Stage boxes are meant for large scale concert and events, they are crucial components in live sound setups, connecting multiple audio inputs and outputs on stage to the main mixer. They provide flexible signal routing, simplified cable management, and improved audio quality, making them essential and important devices for efficient and professional live performances. 

s16 stage box

Monitor Speakers

Monitor speakers are essential tools for audio professionals and music enthusiasts. With accurate and detailed sound reproduction, they provide a clear reference for mixing, recording, and critical listening. These speakers are meant for bands member or DJs to listen to their sound production.

EV monitor speaker

Mixing Board

Our mixer boards ranges from 6ch to 64ch boards. They are essential audio control devices used in all our sound system setups. They allow users to adjust sound levels, blend audio sources, apply effects, and achieve optimal sound quality, making them indispensable tools for achieving professional sound mixing and customisation in various applications.

behringer mixing board

Line Array Systems

Line arrays are advanced speaker systems that deliver powerful and even sound coverage across large venues. With their ability to project sound over long distances with minimal distortion. They are the preferred choice for concerts, festivals, and other large-scale events.

JBL line array speakers


Our range of microphones consists of wired and wireless types. They come with the added option of microphone stands if needed. We carry brands such as Phillips, AKG and Shure. All trusted brands in the world of live sound reproduction. Our wireless microphones have a clarity range of up to 100 meters in settings without many signal interferences. 

wireless microphones

"Sound when amplified is not  heard but felt, that's why the dancefloor moves "

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